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Gimble Giil's Game Reviews

Here at Quixotic Folly we play all games of all types. One of the staples of our community is that we are so diverse in what games we play and will branch out too. We do this to not only have fun, but to get new people involved in what we have going on, and that is the Quixotic Folly Family of Gamers. 

These are some of the games that we have tried in the past and some are even still playing. We have tried to give a fair and accurate account of what we saw that was good, and bad in the game. For each game we had multiple testers, and for some reviews, we will even have multiple people to review them. 

When it comes down to it, we here at [QF] just want you to be informed of some of the things that we have done in the past in hopes of drawing in new players in the very near future.

NOTE: These reviews are just some of the things that we see in these games and do not cover every aspect of every game. These are just the things that we feel should be mentioned.

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